Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Carriage Ride In Heaven

2:01 pm.

In the Spirit, I find myself in carriage being lead down a street in Heaven.  The day seems festive.  The carriage is white, with an ornate design, and trimmed in gold.  The seats of the carriage are lined in red velvet.  As the carriage takes me down the street I cannot see much.  A friendly face appears to me.  It's a face that I have not seen for a while. On earth it is my long time spiritual mentor, Gene Markland. 

The only way that I can identify Gene in Heaven is because he wears glasses.  He does not need glasses in Heaven (everything is perfect there).  As soon as recognize him he removed the glasses and sits next to me in the carriage.

He said, "Welcome!  It's been awhile!""

Overjoyed, I replied, "Yes, it's been a very long time"

Gene asked me, "What do you think of this place?"

I said, "Its beautiful. I'm happy to be hear. It's been so long."

Gene responded, " I want to show you something."  In the distance I could see a large white building and in front of it was the Father.

"We are His and He is ours!  We belong to Him.  We are his treasure!",  he explained.  " All that you see here is for you Shanna as well as all of God's children.  You are the rare few on the Earth that have been called to be a witness and to testify of what you see.  Many will not believe you. More will surely see and glorify God"

After Gene closed on the blessings of Father, Michael appeared.  Michael is my spiritual father, whom I have grown very close to over the years on earth.  I cannot imagine my spiritual growth without him.  God will place people in your life to help push you towards God and to teach you.  I feel very blessed.  God is good.

Michael stepped into the carriage followed by a surprise visit from Jesus.  All 4 of us are sitting there happy to be in each others company.  I am always thrilled to be in the company of the Savior.  I have not heard Michael or Jesus say anything.  I wait with great anticipation.  What can I say in the presence of the Master, the Creator?

The Lord is allowing me to zoom in on his features.  I have a clear picture of him now.  His eyes are kind.  They appear a bluish green.  His hair is a dark brown and long.  He has a beard but not very long.  It looks well kept and trimmed.   His age looks young, early 30s.

I'm happy. We still sitting silently in the carriage waiting for our Lord to speak.

A few moments later Jesus responds, " My children I have brought you here to teach and share with you what is yet to come.  This is for the ministries I have for all three of you.  I have not forgotten you.  I know that you have bared with me long.  I have put a vision in your heart.  Yes, you have written it down.  It's going to come to pass.  In this year you will see the greatest Out Pouring of the Holy Spirit the world has every seen.  I will travel across the world to make my name great.  I am preparing my laborers young and old to do my work.  You are among those chosen.  Do not be worried about how you should prepare or be equipped for it.  I will do it all.  You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when I send you.  The time is near!  My Father is ready.  He has heard the lamenting of the saints.  They yearn for His presence, for His heart.  My father is pleased with this.  This news is a good report.  I do not want to place the burden of what is yet to come for those who to be judged.  I want you to be happy and full of joy,  This what you have waited for.  During this year your passion will grow like never before.  When you go, your bodies will be strong and healthy.  Pay attention to your health and what you eat.  I will help.  You have pledged to me your lives.  You have said in your heart "all or nothing Lord".  I have accepted your vow of "all or nothing." When I performed My earthly ministry, it was "all or nothing" for me too.  I loved the Father more than My own life and I wanted to accomplish His mission for the world.  When I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was equipped to do the will of the Father.  You My children are equipped to do the same as I.   

The doors are opening for you.  Nothing will stand in the way going forward.  Nothing stood in my way from accomplishing My Father's purpose.  I accomplished the impossible through His Spirit and so will you.  Be blessed My sons and daughter!"

Jesus stepped down from the carriage and walked away.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Message To My Children

My children now is the time of the great out-pouring.  I will Pour out my Spirit upon you!  For generations you have struggled in your own strength to achieve my will and to obey me.  (Ezekiel 36:22-31)).  I will pour My Spirit upon you that you may do my will and keep my commands.   Many of you have prayed and sought my face.  You have loathed yourselves and your inability to produce my character within your being.  I, and only I, can produce this in you.  Trying to produce any fruit of the Spirt of the Lord by yourselves is absolute vanity.  It is My will that you do all things in the strength of your Lord.  If you try to produce works in the flesh and not according to the Spirit,  it's displeasing to Me. 

You I have called.  You I have chosen.   I am opening Heaven all over the world.  This outpouring is not just for America.  It's for the world.  It's for every nation.  Every nation will know that I am God.  I am God!  There is no other!

Now My Children, My Bride, I have called you to Me.  I will hold you in My bosom now and forever more.  You will accomplish the Great Commission in this generation and generations to come.  Your children and their children will know Me.  You see the world  calling the evil good, and the good evil (Isaiah 5:20.) I prophesied this centuries ago.  Now it has come into fruition.

 Now is the time for My Bride and Church to stand on the Rock, the Chief Cornerstone.
I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Hear Me roar My children.  Hear the roar of victory  of your mighty King.  Sing My children "Hail, hail  Lion of Judah!"   Sing to Me and let Me hear your praises.  Sing and dance.  Sing to Me and I will come!  I will rejoice with you and celebrate.  My Bride we are triumphant!  We are victorious!  We are set apart! Come and sing a new song!  Sing to Me all your praises.  Shout!  Make a loud noise.  Never cease your praises.  I long to hear them.  

Let us sing, "Hail, hail Lion of Judah!"

Praise the Lord!  His Kingdom come!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

The River

In the Spirit the Lord took me to the front doors of the Seattle Belltown city church.  As I stood there, the doors opened up and I could see inside to the sanctuary.  The River of God poured down the isle from the stage out through the doors.  The Spirit took me to the stand where a pastor who was speaking.  I heard the Lord say, " I am going to use him to bring about My revival."

 I saw a fire just above the man's head and fire coming from his eyes and mouth.  There was a large angel standing behind him, worshiping the Lord.  As the man spoke, the River began to flood the sanctuary, touching each of the worshipers.  I saw the flood going outside the front doors touching people out on the street.   This flood were bring people in to the church as well. Jesus appeared walking through the church, touching the heads of believers.

This what the Lord is saying to these believers:

I want to bring sanctification to you.   I want to strip you of your reputation and world belief system.  You must truly die to yourself in order to have life in the Spirit.  Surrender yourselves to me and I will make this happen.  Let go of the life on the Earth.  I will make you citizens of Heaven.  I will open up Heaven around you.  The Kingdom of God will be all that you will know.  All its mysteries will be revealed to you.

Come my precious children and drink of this River.  I am the Living Water that gives you everlasting life.  Precious children, no more will you seek after the things that cannot satisfy the longing in your hearts.  I will satisfy you.  Ask me for help and you will receive it.  I am the Everlasting Prince of Peace.  I will give you My peace and My love.  

From Everlasting to Everlasting I am your God and Father.  


Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb..   -  Revelation  22:1

Monday, July 28, 2014

What His Death Bought

I have been in the Spirit for a few days. The lord has been showing me a city, that I vaguely see.  I can see that the streets are paved in gold.  Along the streets are white buildings, I cannot yet make out their details.  I have seen citizens of this city cross the street in front of me and I have heard people greeting me.  I can sense the presence of people walking alongside me.  The only face I can see clearly is Jesus.  

I found myself outside the city gate, peering in trying to make out the details of the city.  The Lord took my from the city.  He said, "Let me take you to the top of Heaven.   He pointed with his hand to look at the city below. I could not look down at the city because I could see the scar in his hand.  Then he showed me the spike in his hand.  The vision then turned to him being on the cross, blooded with a crown of thorns up on his head. 

The Lord said to me, "They beat me to a pulp. They bludgeoned my spirit.  I was just a man at that point.  I  was grieved beyond description.  I knew my mission despite how I felt.  It was for the glory of my Father, bring salvation to the world.  I was the ultimate sacrifice for sin.  This is why I have brought you here.  To show you what my blood has paid for.  I have brought you here because I have prepared for you this home.  Before my death, you would only have died in your sins.  Now you are a citizen of heaven because of Me.  You belong here. This will always be your home. .

Then I saw him take the nail out of his hand. The vision of the him on the cross ended and I could only now see the scar on his hand.

"Now look at the city," He said, "This is the city in Heaven which you will dwell.  I have chosen for you neighbors.  You were right when you said they were speaking to you.  When your mission on Earth is finished you will be here.  Your mission on Earth is just beginning.  You say you have been walking with me for many years.  Yes this is true.  Yet all of this has been the training ground for what I have in store for you. I say to you be patient child.  The end of the 7 years is about to come to an end and season of another 7 will begin.  I love you."

Saturday, November 16, 2013

He Is Light

The Lord gave me a vision of Himself, he was standing in a room draped in robe that covered his head. He was in the appearance of man, but was pure light. I could see Him moving around.  I was bowed before Him. He extended His hand of pure light toward.  I heard him say that He would not leave me as I am.  I saw him draw a sword of light.  He opened me up from head to toe, examining my inward being.  He said there will no longer be darkness in you but light.  The Lord placed the sword within my spirit, which represents the word of God.  Then I saw the word love appear before him, then faith and hope.

In the room I was in with him I could see the a menorah and what appears a be stand for burning incense.  I don't know how to describe with words how describe the stand.  I surely am focused on the stand.  I know that it has important symbolism.  I will have to research it and provide a definition of it's meaning.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heaven In You

One night I was giving a prophetic word to woman online.  The woman had been praying for a long time for be have God completely inhabit her entire being and all that was her be washed way.  I realized that woman was me.  For such a long time that I have desired that God take control of my life and will be to do all that He desires.  I long to please God and obey Him with a full heart.  I have longed for a personal close relationship with Him too.   Scripture says if we draw close Him he will draw close to us.  The word He had given was so powerful I thought I would share it here because I believe there are others in the world that long for this too:

The day you became saved you became a child of the Living God through My son Jesus Christ. I have longed to make my life and my ministry in you.  This means that Heaven will come down and manifest itself in your mortal body.  My will be done in you as it is in heaven.  What can you imagine heaven to be like?  What is the kingdom of heaven like?  It is a place of peace, of joy, rest, wisdom, faithfulness-- it all of the words of scripture, my word, coming to life within you.  I will to this in you not because of anything you have done.  This is my gift to you.  I will transform  you from the inside out.  My character will take the place of your own.  (Gal 5:22 fruit of the Spirit).  Be at peace.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vision of Seattle church


A few days ago the  Lord  showed me a vision of the Seattle Church in downtown Seattle.   Guarding the building were angels.  There are arms were linked so that nothing could penetrate through.  The vision started from a third person perspective.  Then I found myself standing next to one of the angels, looking up at it.  When I looked up at it, I was looking at a him.  He was looking down out at me.  I smiled and waved.  

I saw the door of the church open and the River of God flowed right out of it.  I was then lead into the sanctuary where I could see a man preaching.  From his gut, the River of God was flowing from him into the santcuary and out of the church.  Then I heard the Lord say revival is coming.