Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Vision Burning In My Heart For Seattle, Wa

For the last 4 years I have had a burning vision in my heart.  The vision is that a revival will come to the city of Seattle.  The vision started in the late August of 2007.  The Lord started illuminating the city of Seattle to me then.  He started showing me Washington State liscence plates. Seattle stood out on the Weather Channel and other ways.  I had visions of Mount Rainer, killer whales, the North Pacific coast, and then downtown Seattle in the Queen Anne district.  The Seattle space needled has always stood out in all my visions.  He showed me Seattle Pacific University too.  I looked up Seattle Pacific University and found out it was a Christian University in the Belltown and Queen Anne district of Seattle. From August 2007 to January 2008 the visions were on going.

In January 2008, I began to question the Lord about the visions I was having.  I asked Him am I moving there? Was someone I knew moving to Seattle.  I even questioned my friend Lisa about it.  She told me to pray and or even take a trip there to see if the Lord give me a greater revelation about this vision.  While I was at Lisa's house, my friend Laura's name came to mind.  I thought to myself could Laura be moving to Seattle or Washington State?  I called her as soon as her name popped into my mind. I got her answering machine and asked her if she was moving to Seattle.  I received  a call from her a few hours later saying that she and her husband had, indeed, made plans to relocate there.  They moved to the area in October of 2008 and have been there since. 

I thought that the visions would end once I gave Laura that word of prophecy.  That was not the case. My visions continued and began to increase.  The Lord showed me downtown Seattle, specifically a small square building surrounded by larger, taller buildings. Behind it was the Seattle Space needle.  The Lord did not clarify what the building was.  He showed me a funnel cloud over the building that was extended all the way to heaven.  The Lord was pouring out His living water through this funnel and into the building.  The cloud then was connected like an amibilical cord to a man preaching to a crowd of people. The power and the River of God flowed through this man and out to the passes like a tidal wave.  The Lord then said to me that this was a revival coming to the church and out to the city.  He said it would be like that of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles. 

I've shared these visions with people at church, my spiritual father Michael, Gene and my beloved friend Laura.  Gene even shared a vision for the church.  He said that he saw a raging river - like that of one flowing down a mountain side that was flowing into the church from heaven. 

Sometime between 2009 and 2010, the Lord showed me a vision of the downtown area again in the Spirit.  Mind you, I've never been to Seattle.  I had no idea what the downtown area looked like.  I've only seen pictures of Seattle in a photograph.  One day, I decided to take it upon myself to look at google maps of Belltown-Queen Anne district.  Google has a street panaromic view.  I started out at the Seattle space needle, searching for the tall buildings, that were so vivid in my vision, and the small block like building that surrounded it.  Low and behold, I found the building it and the skyscrapers around it.  It was exactly as the Lord had showed me in my visions.  I found out the church was the Seattle City Church. 

I did some research on the Seattle City Church it was founded by Pastor Wendell Smith in the early 90's.  It's an apolostic church.  The church based on scripture and bibically sound.  It blew my mind away.  When I found out the kind of church it was I asked God to reveal more to me. 

Since God has revealed the place where this great revival is to take place, the visions increased even more.  Behind the church is a yellow building called the Lighting Supply.  Often, on the left had corner of the front of the building, where two streets intersect, I have seen visions of angels and the Lord standing there talking.  I saw Jesus stand there one time whle an angel brought Him a scroll with a message for the church.  In that moment, I heard the Lord call the church the Church Of Seattle.  I've seen the church as a beacon of light or a bubble of light surrounded by complete darkness.  An angel guards the Church of Seattle to protect it from the surrounding darkness. 

The Lord has explained to me that the revival that is to come to this church is going to be history changing and life changing to all those who are touched by it.  The power of God is going to come on so strong to the pastor of this chuch and reach out to the believers and even unbelievers.  It will change the followers of the church from the inside out. The zeal they will have for the Living God will be the kind that will move mountains and touch the world for Christ.  The whole city of Seattle will be changed by it. 

The words the Lord has given me are only ones of mercy and grace.  I believe that many people are seeking out God with all their hearts but don't see change in their lives.  They are still bound by the enemy.  Yes,  Christians can still be bound even if they are filled with the Holy Spirit. I think in this case of revival.  Jesus' Great Commision will be unleashed in Seattle.  I believe many captives will be set free.  This is the word in my heart. This word has been in my heart for 4 years.

My dear sister in the Lord, Laura, has prayed for  Belltown, Queen Anne, and Seattle Pacific University.  She said when she walked on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, the presence of Holy Spirit was very strong and it consumed her!  The Lord had revealed much to her about the history of the area and she was sent to pray for the tearing down of strong holds over the area.  Now, I know her prayers will bare much fruit.  She was sent to plant the seeds.  The Lord will water and give the increase.  May the Lord bless my sister for her obedience.

The Lord still gives me random reminders of Seattle in my heart.  The vision is now written down.  May the Lord bless this vision and may He receive all glory for it! Amen

The funnel cloud is the Shekinah glory of God.

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