Monday, September 19, 2011

Church of Seattle

To the Church of Seattle

Church of Seattle  and Its Sheperd says the Lord of Hosts,

Listen to My words.  In the days coming I will unleash My power and Holy Spirit upon your church!  I will pour out My Spirit like never seen before in the city. I am calling you, My saints, to My heart.  Listen to me. The time is at hand.  This is something I've been stirring in your pastor's for the last 8 years.  He has desired that revival come to Seattle.  I have heard his prayers.  He has fasted day and night.  He had mourned and grieved for this great city. 

Son, I will honor you and answer your prayers.  Abraham asked Me if there was righteous people in Sodom and Gormorah would I save it the city.  I said that I would.  In Seattle, there are righteous people.  Son I will save the city.  Upon you I will pour out My spirit and through you I will bring revival to every corner of the city.  It will be heard of all all over the world.  I will  be preprare you to receive the flock.  I will provide the laborers to receive my new born sheep.  You will not be overwelmed.

Let Me share this with you, because you will have a question in your heart about this.  You will say why me?  How can this be?  I am only a man and one man at that.  Son, through one man I brought salvation to the world.  Through one man an entire nation was born.  Through one man,  my children were lead out of bondage in Egypt. Through one man, you, I will lead the greatest revival Seattle has ever seen and will ever experience.  Trust Me to do this son.  Nothing is impossible. 

Be blessed son.  Continue to seek Me on this.  Abba

Now I pray in the name of Jesus that this word would reach the Church of Seattle.  Receive this word into your heart.  May the Lord confirm it in various ways to you.  May the Lord bless and strengthen this congregation.  May He receive all the Glory!  In Jesus name amen.

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