Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hidden in God

                                                   Thursday, October 13, 2011
When I got saved in 1998, I never thought God would lead to me where I am at this moment, seeking Him out with all my heart.  I love God.  I know that He has saved my life.  He has filled me with hope and given me an extraordinary purpose.  I never knew that a world far beyond the natural ever existed.  I knew God existed in what little bible stories I read about and heard in the random times I attended church as a child.  I was always curious about God.  He placed people in my path on the way to salvation.  

The stories of the bible, God and Jesus came more alive to me when I got baptised in the Holy Spirit in 2004.  I began to experience supernatural events in my life.  I began to receive prophetic words for other people to encourage them and build their faith in God.  It grew and grew until I began to see images of angels, I would see words written on the heads of people, words of prophecy, visions that came into fruition, dreams, and ultimately open visions of Heaven.  I see the Father, the, Son, and the Holy Spirit on a regular basis now.  I never would have thought I would expierience this in a thousand years.  I am thankful for it.  The visions I have are really ones that demonstrate God's love.  I believe He shows it me because I have been a person who has been without love and have desired for it deeply.

In my lastest vision, I am fasting during this process, I am in Heaven with the apostles Paul and Peter.  (I've also been studying the book of Acts during the fast).  In this vision I can see Paul and Peter standing next to me, when Jesus walks up.  As soon as Jesus arrives Pete and Paul fall in the ground and begin to worship.  I am in between them and do the same.  For a few moments we worship the Lord together.  Then Jesus directs the apostles to lay a sheer white sheet over me.  He tell thems to lay their hands on me and pray.  I cannot hear anything at all.  I am not sure what they are praying about. 

On earth, I am laying on my dining room floor, praying in the Spirit while this takes place.  I notice Jesus standing there in front of me watching these two great men pray for me.  I paid close attention to His feet. There is just something special about His feet.  It represents His humility.  It also lets me know just how close He was standing next to me, watching and observing me. 

After a while, I see in the Spirit, the Father walk up behind Jesus and then kneeling down next to me.  He, too, laid His hand upon me.  He didn't say anything to me.  He just watched me. Then removed the sheer cloth from my body and picked me up into His arms, cradling me like a small child.  Jesus, Peter, and Paul watched as the Father walked away.  The Lord sat down on a bench with me in His arms.  He carassed my hair and held me for while.  Later He laid me down on the bench and began to study me.  He looked at every detail of my being.  He was on His knees "checking me out".  

The Father stood up and then laid down directly over me.  When He laid down on me, my whole being was absorbed into Him, until I completely absorbed inside of Him.  He stood up from the bench.  I heard Him say, "You are hidden in Me."
My heart swelled with joy at that moment.  We are all "hidden" in God.  I am thankful. 

Amen.  To God be the glory!

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  1. A very astute word and revelation, You are walking in the deep things of God!

    Mike Plemmons