Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vision of Seattle church


A few days ago the  Lord  showed me a vision of the Seattle Church in downtown Seattle.   Guarding the building were angels.  There are arms were linked so that nothing could penetrate through.  The vision started from a third person perspective.  Then I found myself standing next to one of the angels, looking up at it.  When I looked up at it, I was looking at a him.  He was looking down out at me.  I smiled and waved.  

I saw the door of the church open and the River of God flowed right out of it.  I was then lead into the sanctuary where I could see a man preaching.  From his gut, the River of God was flowing from him into the santcuary and out of the church.  Then I heard the Lord say revival is coming.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the Mountain Of God


As I came home from work, the Lord began to speak to me.  He said, "I'm taking you to the mountain of God one of My angels will take you there."

In just a blink of the an eye, I was on the mountain of God. I'm viewing the scene from a third person perspective.   I could see the angel standing behind me as I walked into the cave.  There is nothing fancy about the cave. It is very simple it's grey and the floor looks very smooth and solid. 

 Jesus extended his arms to me saying, "Daughter You will be here for three days.  The Holy Spirit will be with you, ministering to you.  Come, lets put your robe on."  The robe was an off white cloak. 
A moment later I was laying on the floor, the Holy Spirit was hovering above me.  The Father entered the cave.  He wrapped his arm around Jesus.  The Savior said, " Father she is Our hand-maiden.  She will do our work."

"Yes, Son, " replied the Father, "She will be a great prophetess on the Earth. I have called her out of many to do my bidding and claim my message. She will go to the nations preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit of Elijah is upon this one.  She will be bold.  She will speak to them in my name and glorify me.  She will be sent to Seattle to partake in the revival.  The I will send her to the four corners of the Earth.  The anointing is upon her.  Bless you My child.  Bless you."

Then the Holy Spirit formed a pillar of fire around me.  I was inside of it, in the center.  He lifted me up into the very center of Himself.  I could see His face.  His arms reached out to me and embraced me.  He said, "This is love.  This is absolute love."

To be continue...

Friday, June 22, 2012



A few nights ago, while I was driving home, the Lord spoke to me and said, "You are now my apostle."  I took the word the Lord delivered to my thoughts.    The only thing that had come to mind was, "Why me?"   How could this be -- I'm not perfect.  I'm not as devoted as others.  The why question has not been answered.  I know that in scriptures that God did not use perfect people, except Jesus.  He was perfect in every way.   I can ask why or I can just Lord have your way.  I say Lord have your way!  If He wants to put this mantle upon my life.  I will do it.  I love Him to0 much.  I will follow Him, even if it means giving up my life in His name.  My heart belongs to Him.  I love Him so much, that I crave His presence night and day.  He is always on my mind.  There is not a moment I am not thinking about the Lord and my hunger for His presence.  I hunger for change in my heart.  I desire to view the world through His eyes.  I desire to be Holy as He is Holy. 

I was speaking with my spiritual Father, Michael, the other day.  He has restated one comment to be several times,  "You cannot see God as He is until you can see yourself as you are through His eyes.".  This has pierced by heart on many levels.  It has not made since until now. 

I had called Michael to share with Him the vision I had the night before.  Very few people understand the experiences I have in the Lord.  Michael, has been walking in the Spirit for a very long time.  He has regular visions and trips to heaven on a regular basis.  I heard him speak for the first time in a staff chapel when I worked for the Christian Broadcasting network back in the fall of 2008.  He spoke about being a seer and that he would spend time at the throne of God praying for people/world.  He shared various experiences that touched me so deeply.    My heart was open to hear more!  After the chapel, I followed him to the break room.   I asked him about his experiences with the Lord.  He was more than happy share.  Ever since that day, he has become someone close to my heart. 
Michael, was even more full of surprises.  It turned out that he had a childhood friend, Gene.  Who walked in the same way as he.  Gene and Michael have been caught up in the Spirit together and have shared many experiences in the Spirit.  Gene has also shared with me his experiences in the Lord.  Their testimonies combined give God such glory. 

There lives and walkes with the Lord is truly based on the Pauline Epistles.  There is so much depth and truth that has still yet to be revealed to the rest of the church.  These two men have it! They have the truth of the gospel!  Gene has written the book based on the Pauline Epistles and his experiences in the Lord.  The book would change the perspective of any believer and even convert a nonbeliever.  (It's called Spirit Fellowship or

My life has been changed radically by their own experiences.  Before, I met them I was having visions and dreams.  After I met them, my visions became more in depth!  I began to prohecy things even more.  The Lord allowed be to speak words to them, that would later come into fruition. They have encouraged the gifts that I have.

The latest vision I had was shortly after the Lord called me an apostle.  In my living room another vision started,  I saw Jesus sitting next me.  In front of me was Holy Spirit, like a pillar of fire, and in front of Him was an angel holding a scroll.  The Father stepped up to speak to the angel.  In the Spirit, I heard him say, "Speak to her what is written on the scroll."   I heard what the angel said and what was written on the scroll.   I heard,  "You will be delivered from all that binds you! You will be healed inwardly.  You will be free". 

Then I heard the Father speak,  "He said I will give you the angel Gabriel to be with you at all times.  He will be your guardian."  In the Spirit, the Lord showed me Gabriel.  I could only see him from the back and in the front I can only from the neck down. I  am unable to see his face.  Upon his head he wears crown.  He is very tall and very strong looking.  When I see him, he does not wear a robe. But something that looks like ancient battle gear. He carries a sword.    I've seen him several times since the Lord told me about Gabriel.  He does not look like someone who is depicted in the classical paintings.  Paintings show that he is a saintly figure, clean and wholesome looking.   I looks like someone who has been in battle and who is ready for a battle.  I see someone who is very strong and powerful looking.

Now, I can only ponder what is to come.  I want more of the Lord.  I want to be with Him at every moment of every single hour, minute to the very last second of my day!  I want to live and have my being in Him!  Praise the Lord for He is good!  Bless you Jesus! Bless you Father!  Glory to God.  All Glory to Him! 

Jesus you are worthy of all!  Thank you! Thank you!  I pray that my life will demonstrate Your life!

Heavenly Father,

I pray for those reading this. Pray that we all may stand in your tangible presence while we live on Earth.  Let us love you with all our hearts and minds!  I ask that anyone who is struggling at this moment with faith, that you would help their faith and unbelief.  Lord encourage those who need to be encouraged. Meet every need Lord.  In Jesus name amen!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Chariot

Last night as I was driving home, I could see a vision of a chariot in front of my vehicle.  Inside the chariot I usually see an angel.  Sometimes, I will see Jesus standing with an angel there.  This time the Father was alone in the chariot driving.  My heart and spirit became very quiet.  I was very humbled by this scene happening before me.  The father turned around and he begain releasing hearts in my direction.  I felt like I was receiving love from Him.  I could see six angels flying above Him and then angel, with a trumpet joined Him in the chariot.  The angel lifted the trumpet to his lips and blew.  I could hear no sound.  I was only a witness to this extrordinary vision (driving my car no less down I-25). 

The Father spoke to my heart (Spirit to spirit).  He said, "Do you know the plans that I have for you, Shanna?  My plans for you are extraordinary!  You have a heart towards me! (I do! My love and awe of God are deep.  I just want to know Him more.  I don't want to be deprived of His presence or His love.  I need Him, like I need water and like I need food.)  He spoke the plans He had for me.  He told me what I would be doing.   My heart began to swell with joy as he shared details of those plans with me.  I felt humbled.  I think of my present situation and wonder how I could I do something so wonderful as He was describing.  Who am I to question the Creator?  He's done extraordinary things with ordinary men and women. 

Heavenly Father,

I praise Your beautiful name!  I thank You for this vision!  I thank You for your promises.  I thank You for Your Love.  I'm thankful that You are Loving and Merciful God.  Your love is uncomphrenhendable to the human mind and heart.  I ask the Lord that anyone reading this who does not understand your Love and what it means to be loved by You I pray that YOu would pierce their minds and souls with the revelation of  Your Great Love!  Fill them with Your knowledge and wisdom.   Lord, the ones who love you with their hearts and minds, yet struggle in the flesh with sin,  I ask you to set them free from all bondage, all guilt, and all shame.  You sent your only one and begotten son to set the captive free!  I ask the Captives be set free Father!  I love you Father!  I love you!  Bless those who are down-trodden with a spirit of joy Lord!  Bless them Lord!  Bless your children that we may rejoice in every circumstance!  Help us to bring to you every burden Lord and expect that you will take care of every need!  Lord I thank you!  I love you!  I give you the glory!  In Jesus name!  Amen!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

He is a Father

My vision here is brief with a very significant message.

A few nights ago, as I was laying on my couch, I had a vision of the Father walking before me going about His business (working and conversing with an angel).  I looked up at Him and said, "Father."   As soon as I had said His name He knelt by my side.  

He responded, "What is it My child?"

I didn't say anything to Him.  I realized in that moment that I had His undivided attention and in the moment He stopped everything He was doing to listen to what I had to say.   The Lord had demonstrated to me the father's heart in Himself. 

He wants us to know that He is reponsive to us as soon as we call on His name.  If an earthly father responds to his own young child in the moment, how much more would our Heavenly Father respond to us?