Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Chariot

Last night as I was driving home, I could see a vision of a chariot in front of my vehicle.  Inside the chariot I usually see an angel.  Sometimes, I will see Jesus standing with an angel there.  This time the Father was alone in the chariot driving.  My heart and spirit became very quiet.  I was very humbled by this scene happening before me.  The father turned around and he begain releasing hearts in my direction.  I felt like I was receiving love from Him.  I could see six angels flying above Him and then angel, with a trumpet joined Him in the chariot.  The angel lifted the trumpet to his lips and blew.  I could hear no sound.  I was only a witness to this extrordinary vision (driving my car no less down I-25). 

The Father spoke to my heart (Spirit to spirit).  He said, "Do you know the plans that I have for you, Shanna?  My plans for you are extraordinary!  You have a heart towards me! (I do! My love and awe of God are deep.  I just want to know Him more.  I don't want to be deprived of His presence or His love.  I need Him, like I need water and like I need food.)  He spoke the plans He had for me.  He told me what I would be doing.   My heart began to swell with joy as he shared details of those plans with me.  I felt humbled.  I think of my present situation and wonder how I could I do something so wonderful as He was describing.  Who am I to question the Creator?  He's done extraordinary things with ordinary men and women. 

Heavenly Father,

I praise Your beautiful name!  I thank You for this vision!  I thank You for your promises.  I thank You for Your Love.  I'm thankful that You are Loving and Merciful God.  Your love is uncomphrenhendable to the human mind and heart.  I ask the Lord that anyone reading this who does not understand your Love and what it means to be loved by You I pray that YOu would pierce their minds and souls with the revelation of  Your Great Love!  Fill them with Your knowledge and wisdom.   Lord, the ones who love you with their hearts and minds, yet struggle in the flesh with sin,  I ask you to set them free from all bondage, all guilt, and all shame.  You sent your only one and begotten son to set the captive free!  I ask the Captives be set free Father!  I love you Father!  I love you!  Bless those who are down-trodden with a spirit of joy Lord!  Bless them Lord!  Bless your children that we may rejoice in every circumstance!  Help us to bring to you every burden Lord and expect that you will take care of every need!  Lord I thank you!  I love you!  I give you the glory!  In Jesus name!  Amen!

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