Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the Mountain Of God


As I came home from work, the Lord began to speak to me.  He said, "I'm taking you to the mountain of God one of My angels will take you there."

In just a blink of the an eye, I was on the mountain of God. I'm viewing the scene from a third person perspective.   I could see the angel standing behind me as I walked into the cave.  There is nothing fancy about the cave. It is very simple it's grey and the floor looks very smooth and solid. 

 Jesus extended his arms to me saying, "Daughter You will be here for three days.  The Holy Spirit will be with you, ministering to you.  Come, lets put your robe on."  The robe was an off white cloak. 
A moment later I was laying on the floor, the Holy Spirit was hovering above me.  The Father entered the cave.  He wrapped his arm around Jesus.  The Savior said, " Father she is Our hand-maiden.  She will do our work."

"Yes, Son, " replied the Father, "She will be a great prophetess on the Earth. I have called her out of many to do my bidding and claim my message. She will go to the nations preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit of Elijah is upon this one.  She will be bold.  She will speak to them in my name and glorify me.  She will be sent to Seattle to partake in the revival.  The I will send her to the four corners of the Earth.  The anointing is upon her.  Bless you My child.  Bless you."

Then the Holy Spirit formed a pillar of fire around me.  I was inside of it, in the center.  He lifted me up into the very center of Himself.  I could see His face.  His arms reached out to me and embraced me.  He said, "This is love.  This is absolute love."

To be continue...

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