Saturday, November 16, 2013

He Is Light

The Lord gave me a vision of Himself, he was standing in a room draped in robe that covered his head. He was in the appearance of man, but was pure light. I could see Him moving around.  I was bowed before Him. He extended His hand of pure light toward.  I heard him say that He would not leave me as I am.  I saw him draw a sword of light.  He opened me up from head to toe, examining my inward being.  He said there will no longer be darkness in you but light.  The Lord placed the sword within my spirit, which represents the word of God.  Then I saw the word love appear before him, then faith and hope.

In the room I was in with him I could see the a menorah and what appears a be stand for burning incense.  I don't know how to describe with words how describe the stand.  I surely am focused on the stand.  I know that it has important symbolism.  I will have to research it and provide a definition of it's meaning.