Monday, July 28, 2014

What His Death Bought

I have been in the Spirit for a few days. The lord has been showing me a city, that I vaguely see.  I can see that the streets are paved in gold.  Along the streets are white buildings, I cannot yet make out their details.  I have seen citizens of this city cross the street in front of me and I have heard people greeting me.  I can sense the presence of people walking alongside me.  The only face I can see clearly is Jesus.  

I found myself outside the city gate, peering in trying to make out the details of the city.  The Lord took my from the city.  He said, "Let me take you to the top of Heaven.   He pointed with his hand to look at the city below. I could not look down at the city because I could see the scar in his hand.  Then he showed me the spike in his hand.  The vision then turned to him being on the cross, blooded with a crown of thorns up on his head. 

The Lord said to me, "They beat me to a pulp. They bludgeoned my spirit.  I was just a man at that point.  I  was grieved beyond description.  I knew my mission despite how I felt.  It was for the glory of my Father, bring salvation to the world.  I was the ultimate sacrifice for sin.  This is why I have brought you here.  To show you what my blood has paid for.  I have brought you here because I have prepared for you this home.  Before my death, you would only have died in your sins.  Now you are a citizen of heaven because of Me.  You belong here. This will always be your home. .

Then I saw him take the nail out of his hand. The vision of the him on the cross ended and I could only now see the scar on his hand.

"Now look at the city," He said, "This is the city in Heaven which you will dwell.  I have chosen for you neighbors.  You were right when you said they were speaking to you.  When your mission on Earth is finished you will be here.  Your mission on Earth is just beginning.  You say you have been walking with me for many years.  Yes this is true.  Yet all of this has been the training ground for what I have in store for you. I say to you be patient child.  The end of the 7 years is about to come to an end and season of another 7 will begin.  I love you."

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