Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Message To My Children

My children now is the time of the great out-pouring.  I will Pour out my Spirit upon you!  For generations you have struggled in your own strength to achieve my will and to obey me.  (Ezekiel 36:22-31)).  I will pour My Spirit upon you that you may do my will and keep my commands.   Many of you have prayed and sought my face.  You have loathed yourselves and your inability to produce my character within your being.  I, and only I, can produce this in you.  Trying to produce any fruit of the Spirt of the Lord by yourselves is absolute vanity.  It is My will that you do all things in the strength of your Lord.  If you try to produce works in the flesh and not according to the Spirit,  it's displeasing to Me. 

You I have called.  You I have chosen.   I am opening Heaven all over the world.  This outpouring is not just for America.  It's for the world.  It's for every nation.  Every nation will know that I am God.  I am God!  There is no other!

Now My Children, My Bride, I have called you to Me.  I will hold you in My bosom now and forever more.  You will accomplish the Great Commission in this generation and generations to come.  Your children and their children will know Me.  You see the world  calling the evil good, and the good evil (Isaiah 5:20.) I prophesied this centuries ago.  Now it has come into fruition.

 Now is the time for My Bride and Church to stand on the Rock, the Chief Cornerstone.
I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Hear Me roar My children.  Hear the roar of victory  of your mighty King.  Sing My children "Hail, hail  Lion of Judah!"   Sing to Me and let Me hear your praises.  Sing and dance.  Sing to Me and I will come!  I will rejoice with you and celebrate.  My Bride we are triumphant!  We are victorious!  We are set apart! Come and sing a new song!  Sing to Me all your praises.  Shout!  Make a loud noise.  Never cease your praises.  I long to hear them.  

Let us sing, "Hail, hail Lion of Judah!"

Praise the Lord!  His Kingdom come!