Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Carriage Ride In Heaven

2:01 pm.

In the Spirit, I find myself in carriage being lead down a street in Heaven.  The day seems festive.  The carriage is white, with an ornate design, and trimmed in gold.  The seats of the carriage are lined in red velvet.  As the carriage takes me down the street I cannot see much.  A friendly face appears to me.  It's a face that I have not seen for a while. On earth it is my long time spiritual mentor, Gene Markland. 

The only way that I can identify Gene in Heaven is because he wears glasses.  He does not need glasses in Heaven (everything is perfect there).  As soon as recognize him he removed the glasses and sits next to me in the carriage.

He said, "Welcome!  It's been awhile!""

Overjoyed, I replied, "Yes, it's been a very long time"

Gene asked me, "What do you think of this place?"

I said, "Its beautiful. I'm happy to be hear. It's been so long."

Gene responded, " I want to show you something."  In the distance I could see a large white building and in front of it was the Father.

"We are His and He is ours!  We belong to Him.  We are his treasure!",  he explained.  " All that you see here is for you Shanna as well as all of God's children.  You are the rare few on the Earth that have been called to be a witness and to testify of what you see.  Many will not believe you. More will surely see and glorify God"

After Gene closed on the blessings of Father, Michael appeared.  Michael is my spiritual father, whom I have grown very close to over the years on earth.  I cannot imagine my spiritual growth without him.  God will place people in your life to help push you towards God and to teach you.  I feel very blessed.  God is good.

Michael stepped into the carriage followed by a surprise visit from Jesus.  All 4 of us are sitting there happy to be in each others company.  I am always thrilled to be in the company of the Savior.  I have not heard Michael or Jesus say anything.  I wait with great anticipation.  What can I say in the presence of the Master, the Creator?

The Lord is allowing me to zoom in on his features.  I have a clear picture of him now.  His eyes are kind.  They appear a bluish green.  His hair is a dark brown and long.  He has a beard but not very long.  It looks well kept and trimmed.   His age looks young, early 30s.

I'm happy. We still sitting silently in the carriage waiting for our Lord to speak.

A few moments later Jesus responds, " My children I have brought you here to teach and share with you what is yet to come.  This is for the ministries I have for all three of you.  I have not forgotten you.  I know that you have bared with me long.  I have put a vision in your heart.  Yes, you have written it down.  It's going to come to pass.  In this year you will see the greatest Out Pouring of the Holy Spirit the world has every seen.  I will travel across the world to make my name great.  I am preparing my laborers young and old to do my work.  You are among those chosen.  Do not be worried about how you should prepare or be equipped for it.  I will do it all.  You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when I send you.  The time is near!  My Father is ready.  He has heard the lamenting of the saints.  They yearn for His presence, for His heart.  My father is pleased with this.  This news is a good report.  I do not want to place the burden of what is yet to come for those who to be judged.  I want you to be happy and full of joy,  This what you have waited for.  During this year your passion will grow like never before.  When you go, your bodies will be strong and healthy.  Pay attention to your health and what you eat.  I will help.  You have pledged to me your lives.  You have said in your heart "all or nothing Lord".  I have accepted your vow of "all or nothing." When I performed My earthly ministry, it was "all or nothing" for me too.  I loved the Father more than My own life and I wanted to accomplish His mission for the world.  When I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was equipped to do the will of the Father.  You My children are equipped to do the same as I.   

The doors are opening for you.  Nothing will stand in the way going forward.  Nothing stood in my way from accomplishing My Father's purpose.  I accomplished the impossible through His Spirit and so will you.  Be blessed My sons and daughter!"

Jesus stepped down from the carriage and walked away.


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